Lorna Downie

CHEK PRACTITIONER/SOMA Trainer, Golf Biomechanic & Nutritionist


Lorna firmly believes that to be successful in any sport or activity – including activities of daily living, you must build a strong foundation. When working with clients, Lorna assesses factors that may have caused an injury or could lead to an injury.  She examines muscle imbalances, range of motion discrepancies, postural issues and diet and lifestyle to develop a customized and integrated program.

Lorna has accumulated a number of certifications to enable her to take this organic approach.  She is certified by the CHEK Institute in Southern California and currently is studying the fascial system with an MD and Osteopath.  She is also certified in Functional Medicine.

Lorna specializes in rehabilitation, golf and sports performance, weight loss and youth fitness.  She regularly rehabilitates clients with sciatica, stenosis, disc herniations, cervical pathologies, hip, shoulder and knee injuries. 

She is a nutritionist and works extensively in lab testing to identify blocking factors preventing optimal health.  Lorna uses various protocols to balance the hormonal system including the thyroid.  She also works with clients to improve fatigue and digestive disorders. Lorna is an avid cyclist, hiker, runner and weight lifter.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”