Dr. Kevin Jardine

Co-Founder, Chiropractor, and Acupuncture Provider


Dr. Jardine is a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition and with decades of experience working with some of the world’s top performers, teams and Olympians while also having the honour of teaching in over 50 countries around the world. Dr. Jardine started his career focused on exercise science and understanding the physiology of how the body functions. He then continued his education receiving a doctorate in Chiropractic so that he could understand what happens when the body breaks down and how to fix it. For years Dr. Jardine continued to pursue advanced education and learning in topics such as performance psychology, medical acupuncture, clinical and performance nutrition as well as applied neuroscience. Many of these topics are utilized to provide a comprehensive plan of management for helping people overcome their injuries, optimize their health and maximize their performance.  Dr. Jardine is an avid athletic adventurist who enjoys competing in CrossFit, OCR racing, mountain biking and mountaineering while always finding the time to put his family first.