We’re a full service healthcare and fitness facility in midtown Toronto.
Keeping you active and injury-free for more than a decade.



Our experienced providers assess your weaknesses; diagnose your problem and provide a treatment plan to get to the root of your injury. We provide chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercise to help you reduce your pain and get back to your active lifestyle. 



Whether you’re interested in building strength, improving your fitness or gaining flexibility, our Personal Trainers, Pilates and Suspension Yoga instructors can help you reach your goals. Our gym space is bright and beautiful and our equipment is state of the art.



Our goal is to keep you active and injury free. If you have been injured in the past or are looking to stay active without injury our therapists and practitioners can create a customized program to assess your weaknesses, prescribe exercises to strengthen imbalanced muscles and design a nutritional program to support your active lifestyle.


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We are a different kind of clinic.

Have you every walked into a place and felt like you were home? Many of our therapists and employees have been with us from the start. We are like a big family and our patients are part of that family. Because we work so well together, you get the benefits of many different minds looking at you from different therapeutic perspectives. Our interdisciplinary approach is the best way to help our patients find the root cause of their problems and get the care they deserve.


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Call 416-481-8880 or email info@theurbanathlete.ca to book an appointment.