Josh Irwanto

Physiotherapy Resident


Josh is a licensed Physiotherapy Resident and is delighted to join the multi-talented Urban Athlete team. He completed his Master's of Physiotherapy in Scotland, shortly after earning his Specialized Honours Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences at York University. While studying abroad, Josh had valuable experiences in treating patients of diverse settings including orthopaedics, sports therapy, neurology, cardio-respiratory, and community home visits. Josh is an avid believer of using evidence-based treatment methods, including manual therapy, modalities, therapeutic taping, corrective and functional exercises. His treatment approach is heavily client-focused, ensuring each treatment session to be tailored towards the client's specific needs and goals. His overall passion towards fitness and rehabilitation is evident in every interaction he has with his clients! Josh was a member of the Robert Gordon University (Scotland) inter-varsity basketball team and still continues to live an active lifestyle through fitness training, playing basketball, and hiking the great outdoors.