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Our Approach
Improving Your Health and Optimizing Activity

Getting you back in the game is what we do at The Urban Athlete. How we do it is what makes us different.

Fix the Cause – it’s not just about where it hurts, but also why it hurts

Stay Current – everyday new techniques and technologies are found to get your activity back faster

Design Treatments for You – your knee isn’t the same as the next person’s, so why would we fix it the same way?

View The Big Picture – whole body health, positive mental approach, good nutrition


You will appreciate the passion we have for your recovery and returning you to an active lifestyle with:

  • Less pain
  • More knowledge
  • Better results
  • A plan for continued activity with less downtime due to injury
Find out how The Urban Athlete’s unique approach will benefit you.
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      The Urban Athlete has been my support network for all of my most important events including the birth of my child. Who knew acupuncture could induce labour?
Thank you Urban Athlete for the exceptional care.
Theodora P., Kick Boxer, Markham, Ontario

Trust The Urban Athlete to get you back on track

  • Athletes treating athletes - We know how to make you feel better
  • We treat the source of the problem and practice prevention
  • Leading edge treatment and expertise
  • Faster return to your active lifestyle
  • Improved athletic performance

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