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Sometimes we can learn from the experience of others.

Kelly B – Mountain Bike Racer

Problem: I heard of The Urban Athlete through a friend who spoke very highly of them. I was frustrated with other clinics and other therapists that were not able to help my long lasting back injury so….. I decided to try The Urban Athlete. Before I came to The Urban Athlete there were times when I thought I would never be able to ride my bike again.

Solution: The therapy and strength & conditioning we did was very specific for my injury as a cyclist. The Urban Athlete’s confidence in their ability to help me and their knowledge of injury treatment and prevention was the best I have ever seen.

Result:I have learned so much about my injury and how to help myself. Most importantly, I started Mountain Bike Racing again this year!!!

Joe Smith – Weekend Warrior

Problem: A 35 year old ex University Athlete, turned career ultra competitive weekend warrior with knee pain and series of hamstring tears. His injuries kept him out of anything competitive except video games and “friendly” poker matches. He was able to workout in the gym but his competitive fire was burning a deep hole.

Solution: Urban Athlete therapists, through assessments determined the root of his problem for his pain and his reoccurring hamstring tears. The protocol included treatments that included realigning his pelvis, releasing tight limiting scar tissue and retraining his muscles to fire properly. Stretching and strengthening with a trainer as well as a proper nutritional plan created by a Naturopathic Doctor to help inflammation and aid the healing process.

Result: He was able to play basketball for the first time in 3 years and has gotten back to weekly hockey and flag football. He is able to be a kid again and play the games he loves. But most importantly, he is back to competing. He also continues to work on his weaknesses so his problems won’t come back as he is now educated in what the early symptoms are. When things flare up he immediately comes in for “tune ups” from our therapists.

Pedro Z. - Camera Person

Problem: The last 15 years I've had lower back problems and the last couple years it was getting really bad. One year my pain was so bad that I was home for almost one month.

Solution: I met Jim Marinow, a personal trainer, at an event and we spoke about my back problems. He suggested for me to come to Urban Athlete. I was assessed by Kevin, one of the chiropractors, and then began treatments with Dr. Gavin and started training with Jim.  Jim planned stretching exercises and a diet program for me to follow. It has been more than 3 months that I have been going to Urban Athlete…

Result: I am a totally changed man! I have lost 20 lbs and so far pain-free. Before coming here, I could not keep my camera on my shoulder for more than 5 minutes and now I can shoot an entire football game with no pain.  With Dr. Gavin awakening my dormant muscles and Jim's career-saving exercise, I'm sure that I will continue doing the same work that I love until I retire.



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